30-Day Self-Love Challenge!

February is the month of Love. We show our love by giving cards, chocolate, and beautiful flowers. Yet to find lasting and powerful love, we MUST learn to love our self before looking for love from another to fill us up.  It’s only in the giving of love that we can authentically receive true love. Yet, we can’t give something we don’t have, right? Self-Love is a practice. It’s a path.  It’s a choice we make in every moment of every day. When we choose Self-Love, we fill ourselves with self-respect, courage, trust, hope, joy, confidence, compassion, passion, possibility and certainty. … [Read more...]

Feeling Stuck?

Beautiful Friends, I’ve missed you! I’ve just returned from three beautiful months in the U.S…California, Montana and Colorado. Most of this time I was unplugged, reconnecting to loved-ones and my beloved Sierra Nevada with its mountains, wild flowers and lakes. I also spent time working on the next chapter of my business with my business coach. These three months have been soul feeding. Now that we’re back in New Zealand, my soul has called me to leave our beautiful home and retreat center in Gisborne and move to a larger population to reach more people with my work…something I am … [Read more...]

One More Spot!

Hey there, Have you been wishing and hoping something or someone would change so you could feel happier or more loved? For instance, do you wish you could find someone who would love you unconditionally so you will feel complete? Maybe you wish your boss would listen to what you had to say so you would feel respected. Or, maybe you wish your friends would acknowledge you so you would feel accepted and loved. Let me ask you this: Does having those things make you feel loved, respected and acknowledged or could loving, respecting and accepting yourself create those things? Here at Opening … [Read more...]

Feeling Lost?

Hi beautiful, Whether you are experiencing spring or autumn, I hope you are enjoying these days of seasonal transition. With the warm light and beautiful autumn weather here in New Zealand, Larry and I have been getting out and walking daily. Here’s a photo I took today right outside our backyard. But, I know it won’t last.  Transition between seasons, and in life, can be turbulent and often uncomfortable. Everything is changing and I believe it’s a learned practice to be able to stay balanced, centered and peaceful, especially when we are in the middle of one of life’s storms. In fact, I … [Read more...]

It’s The Year Of The Yang Red Fire Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the Yang Red Fire Monkey. Do you want to know what that means for you? This is the year to let go of what’s no longer serving you. That means people who drain your life force, unhealthy eating, and other habits that are keeping you stuck. The year of the Monkey will help you find the courage, will and focus to move forward in your life. Trust your intuition and let the Money’s high energy swing you forward with passion and purpose! Speaking of passion, it’s Valentines Day this weekend. One of my favorite holidays! You probably didn’t … [Read more...]