From Fear to Trust

Fear says, I’m afraid of what could happen. Trust says, I don’t know what will happen but I I’ll try anyway. Fear says, It’s a scary world and people can’t be trusted. Trust says, The right people show up in my life at just the right time. Fear says, Save me. Trust says, I can do this on my own and in a way that is right for me. Fear plays into drama.  Trust observes drama yet doesn’t engage. Fear creates separation. Trust creates connection. Fear unconsciously reacts. Trust consciously responds. Below is a true story I wrote on fear and trust. I hope you enjoy it! A Story From … [Read more...]

4 Tools for Creating Your Life

Hi, Thank you to all who responded to my last newsletter. I received over a dozen emails thanking me for stirring something inside of them…their soul’s calling. If that’s you, that’s exciting! Speaking of exciting, over the last few months, Larry and I have been consciously co-creating our next life chapter with the Universe. In fact, last week we found our new home in Oropi…just outside of Tauranga (New Zealand). We are excited to see it unfold! Co-creating with the Universe (God, Divine, Source) is something Larry and I have done since we were both young. And, over the years, we have … [Read more...]

Feeling Stuck?

Beautiful Friends, I’ve missed you! I’ve just returned from three beautiful months in the U.S…California, Montana and Colorado. Most of this time I was unplugged, reconnecting to loved-ones and my beloved Sierra Nevada with its mountains, wild flowers and lakes. I also spent time working on the next chapter of my business with my business coach. These three months have been soul feeding. Now that we’re back in New Zealand, my soul has called me to leave our beautiful home and retreat center in Gisborne and move to a larger population to reach more people with my work…something I am … [Read more...]

Feeling Lost?

Hi beautiful, Whether you are experiencing spring or autumn, I hope you are enjoying these days of seasonal transition. With the warm light and beautiful autumn weather here in New Zealand, Larry and I have been getting out and walking daily. Here’s a photo I took today right outside our backyard. But, I know it won’t last.  Transition between seasons, and in life, can be turbulent and often uncomfortable. Everything is changing and I believe it’s a learned practice to be able to stay balanced, centered and peaceful, especially when we are in the middle of one of life’s storms. In fact, I … [Read more...]

33 Ways To a Better Life

It’s easy to get caught up in the drama and crises of the world today. In my last issue I offered 7 crucial steps for creating inner peace. I hope it was helpful. Today on facebook, I asked my friends the question: “What’s your best tip that has made life better/easier?” The result is a selection of infinite wisdom. Enjoy! Being grateful for everything I have and have experienced. Even when it's not good you can find something to be grateful for. (Sharon Freeman) If you look for it, you can find fault with anyone... might as well look for the good in them. You'll find that, too and you'll … [Read more...]