Heart-Centered Programs

Breakthrough to Bliss is a powerful program that will help dissolve your limiting beliefs and guide you to blast past the barriers that are holding you back. I designed this coaching course to allow you to reach your highest potential so you can begin living a life of love, passion, abundance and joy — starting now!

You’ll learn to step off the “I’m not enough” cycle, overcome feelings of fear and shame that linger from a painful past, create beautiful, healthy relationships with your parents, siblings, spouse, children and all the other important people in your life (including yourself!) and tap into the potent feminine gifts of intuition and heart intelligence to live the life you were born to live.

One of the best things about Breakthrough to Bliss is the comfort, connection and soul support you’ll receive from me and the heart-centered online community of truth seekers and visionaries just like you, over 5 life-changing weeks.

Each week we’ll tackle various, vital aspects of your life together. Some of what you’ll discover includes how to change your personal story and your life, how to heal and nurture your Inner Child and how to awaken and honor your powerful inner truth.

There are two easy ways to participate in Breakthrough to Bliss. You can choose to attend the live course that happens twice a year or you can opt for the Home Study version anytime.

The live course is conducted through five 90-minute live audio classes with me. You can participate via Skype, phone or webcast. You’ll also receive MP3 recordings of every call as well as detailed written notes you can refer to whenever you want. Here’s where you can find details of the Breakthrough to Bliss live course.

If you decide on the Home Study version of Breakthrough to Bliss, you won’t participate in live call sessions but you’ll gain access to all the wisdom and life-changing strategies revealed during the live course through recordings you can download along with a workbook so you can follow and learn at your own pace. Here’s where you can find details of the Breakthrough to Bliss Home Study Program.