From Fear to Trust

Fear says, I’m afraid of what could happen. Trust says, I don’t know what will happen but I I’ll try anyway. Fear says, It’s a scary world and people can’t be trusted. Trust says, The right people show up in my life at just the right time. Fear says, Save me. Trust says, I can do this on my own and in a way that is right for me. Fear plays into drama.  Trust observes drama yet doesn’t engage. Fear creates separation. Trust creates connection. Fear unconsciously reacts. Trust consciously responds. Below is a true story I wrote on fear and trust. I hope you enjoy it! A Story From … [Read more...]

Happy 2017!

  It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me…since late October, in fact! Over the last three months, Larry and I have shifted our lives from our beautiful home on the beach outside of Gisborne to a small (but cute) rental home in the Bay of Plenty (This picture is on the walk behind our new home).   We’ve been in transition. It takes courage to make big changes in your life and yet, that’s where the adventure and growth lies…in the change. Larry and I have had such fun exploring new walks, bike rides, beaches and kayak paddles as well as cafes, shops and most of all, meeting … [Read more...]

Are you afraid?

Transition is uncomfortable. Transition creates fear. Transition creates chaos. I am presently in transition. In just 13 days, the moving truck is pulling up in front of our (sold) beautiful home and taking us to a new location 3.5 hours away. Besides a couple of my fabulous clients, I will know no one. I don’t know this new city at all. Something deep inside me says, “It’s time to go”. It’s all part of my Soul’s work and I know it. I feel it in my heart. Yet, as much as I trust making this move is right for us, the unknown can be scary. As much as I trust in this process, it still … [Read more...]

Feeling Lost?

Hi beautiful, Whether you are experiencing spring or autumn, I hope you are enjoying these days of seasonal transition. With the warm light and beautiful autumn weather here in New Zealand, Larry and I have been getting out and walking daily. Here’s a photo I took today right outside our backyard. But, I know it won’t last.  Transition between seasons, and in life, can be turbulent and often uncomfortable. Everything is changing and I believe it’s a learned practice to be able to stay balanced, centered and peaceful, especially when we are in the middle of one of life’s storms. In fact, I … [Read more...]

Frustrated With Your Relationship?

If you’re okay sharing a mediocre and compromised relationship with your partner, then this message isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking to create more love, a deeper connection and more tenderness in your relationship, I invite you to watch today’s video. I’ve declared February as the month of love and today’s video is all about strengthening and growing your relationship. Not putting attention on your relationship leads to an undercurrent of toleration and eventually boredom and emotional separation that can easily lead to frustration, depression and physical … [Read more...]