Are you afraid?

Transition is uncomfortable. Transition creates fear. Transition creates chaos. I am presently in transition. In just 13 days, the moving truck is pulling up in front of our (sold) beautiful home and taking us to a new location 3.5 hours away. Besides a couple of my fabulous clients, I will know no one. I don’t know this new city at all. Something deep inside me says, “It’s time to go”. It’s all part of my Soul’s work and I know it. I feel it in my heart. Yet, as much as I trust making this move is right for us, the unknown can be scary. As much as I trust in this process, it still … [Read more...]

How to Flip Your Mood

Happy October to you! October has always been one of my favorite months. Living in California, I loved riding my bike or hiking to a special spot and sharing a picnic lunch with a friend amongst the autumn colors. Today in New Zealand, spring is in full bloom. October is beautiful! October is also my month of celebration! I’m celebrating three important aspects of my life this month – my 35th wedding anniversary, by birthday and a big move…the beginning of a new chapter in my life. It’s an exciting month for sure, and as a valued member of my community, I’m going to share a celebration … [Read more...]

4 Tools for Creating Your Life

Hi, Thank you to all who responded to my last newsletter. I received over a dozen emails thanking me for stirring something inside of them…their soul’s calling. If that’s you, that’s exciting! Speaking of exciting, over the last few months, Larry and I have been consciously co-creating our next life chapter with the Universe. In fact, last week we found our new home in Oropi…just outside of Tauranga (New Zealand). We are excited to see it unfold! Co-creating with the Universe (God, Divine, Source) is something Larry and I have done since we were both young. And, over the years, we have … [Read more...]

Feeling Stuck?

Beautiful Friends, I’ve missed you! I’ve just returned from three beautiful months in the U.S…California, Montana and Colorado. Most of this time I was unplugged, reconnecting to loved-ones and my beloved Sierra Nevada with its mountains, wild flowers and lakes. I also spent time working on the next chapter of my business with my business coach. These three months have been soul feeding. Now that we’re back in New Zealand, my soul has called me to leave our beautiful home and retreat center in Gisborne and move to a larger population to reach more people with my work…something I am … [Read more...]

One More Spot!

Hey there, Have you been wishing and hoping something or someone would change so you could feel happier or more loved? For instance, do you wish you could find someone who would love you unconditionally so you will feel complete? Maybe you wish your boss would listen to what you had to say so you would feel respected. Or, maybe you wish your friends would acknowledge you so you would feel accepted and loved. Let me ask you this: Does having those things make you feel loved, respected and acknowledged or could loving, respecting and accepting yourself create those things? Here at Opening … [Read more...]