I’m Ready for This!

How conscious are you in creating your beautiful life? Below are a few items that are vital in consciously creating your desired life. Desire. How clear are you with what you desire? It’s important to get clear with what you desire. Collaborate and co-create with the Universe. You are never alone. Ask for signs, messages, answers and help along the way. Get curious. Ask questions and listen, look and receive the answers. Then, take action on what you get (see below for examples of good questions). Use your imagination. Engaging your senses, imagine living this desired life, trusting in the … [Read more...]

Ready for what’s coming to you?

I am writing you today from the porch of my family’s lakeside cabin in Northern California. It’s pure bliss! I’ve spent the last three weeks reconnecting to loved ones, hiking in wildflower meadows, picking huckleberries, waterskiing, mountain biking, hiking, dancing, swimming, laughing and feeling oh, so grateful. Yet, my life has not always been this way. I used to struggle, feel frustrated and alone. I had to be ready and willing to make the energetic shift from struggle to grateful. Are you aware of the BIG shifts that are energetically happening this month? August includes a lunar … [Read more...]

Creating a Positive Future With Words

What you are thinking and feeling is being matched at every moment by the Universe, whether you are aware of it or not. This is the Law of Attraction. If you don’t like the way something is going in your life, become conscious of your thoughts and feelings. One powerful way to do this is with the energy of words. Both feelings and thoughts create your reality.  Many words can have both feelings and thoughts attached to them.  When you are feeling frustrated, alone or afraid for example, what you are thinking? What you are feeling? What you are telling yourself and others about your … [Read more...]

Weary of Worry?

Before entering a store to find a specific item, my mother used to state out loud, “Because I want it, it won’t be here”.  And it wasn’t. As far as she was concerned, shopping was one of the most frustrating things in her life.  As her mother believed and role modeled before her, shopping was never easy and you could be sure you wouldn’t find what you came in for.  She would try to tell me I would be handed down this same “problem”.  Fortunately, I knew better. At a young age I had an intimate relationship with the Divine.  God and I communicated, heart-to-heart.  I knew how to ask for help … [Read more...]

From Fear to Trust

Fear says, I’m afraid of what could happen. Trust says, I don’t know what will happen but I I’ll try anyway. Fear says, It’s a scary world and people can’t be trusted. Trust says, The right people show up in my life at just the right time. Fear says, Save me. Trust says, I can do this on my own and in a way that is right for me. Fear plays into drama.  Trust observes drama yet doesn’t engage. Fear creates separation. Trust creates connection. Fear unconsciously reacts. Trust consciously responds. Below is a true story I wrote on fear and trust. I hope you enjoy it! A Story From … [Read more...]