Meet Cindy

“I had to leap off the cliff and face my fear of falling before I could learn how to soar.”

CINDYI’ve been a teacher for as long as I can remember. Any day I have the opportunity to teach, coach and guide others to reach their highest potential is a great day for me!

I’m credentialed as an early childhood specialist, special needs teacher, Feng Shui Consultant and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, specializing in metaphysics.

As Founder of Opening Doors Within I am able to reach out to men and women around the world, helping them find the strength and serenity within themselves so they can achieve their soul’s purpose and live their dreams as I am living mine.

But things weren’t always so bright and shiny for me! Almost ten years ago, I hit rock bottom.

I had just moved halfway across the world from California to New Zealand with my husband and son and my heart was going through an emotional upheaval I’d never felt before. I was overflowing with anger, blame and resentment. I was a stranger in a strange land and I felt isolated and alone. Self-pity became my drug of choice.

Right in the middle of my emotional turmoil, I decided to go on a retreat with a spiritual coach. That week-long gift was one of the most beautiful turning points in my life. I realize now that having this coach — this wise mentor in my life — was part of a Divine plan. I would not be who I am today without the support I received from her. She helped me understand who I really am and to connect to my heart’s truth. She held the torch high so I could see where I was going and find the one true path to the life I am meant to live.

I could have become a permanent victim of my self-pity and anger. But I worked my way through it because I had a guide. And now I realize that was the purpose all along. I had to journey through despair, otherwise I never would have learned those invaluable lessons. I had to leap off the cliff and face my fear of falling before I could learn how to soar.

CINDY HIKINGToday, dedicate my life to do for others what my amazing coach did for me. Everything I do as a coach and teacher is about authentically empowering others and opening their hearts and minds to the limitless personal and spiritual power that is within. I do this by being completely present for them and teaching each to listen to the whispers, watch for the subtle signs of the universe and use their tools of intuition, imagination, creativity and emotional power (just to name a few) for a life of joy, peace and freedom. These feminine super powers will heal and nurture any problem or challenge.

To me, there is no greater privilege than connecting authentically through love and compassion with another human being. Helping people heal, grow and become who they are meant to be brings me such joy and fulfilment!

I know without a doubt I’ve been put on this planet specifically for this particular time in history.

Since I can remember, I’ve been intuitively pulled to help create more love and less fear in the world. I consider myself to be a soul midwife. I’m here to help usher out our “dying world” while I educate and celebrate the awakening of a “new world.”

As a metaphysical coach, what makes me unique is the fact that I walk my talk by manifesting and living the life of my dreams. Since a young girl, I’ve intuitively created my life. My life is a reflection of my work and it’s by far my most potent credential. My clients say my work is revolutionary.

Today I spend the majority of my year at Tuamotu, my spiritual retreat center and beautiful ocean view home on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. During the months of June through August, I love reconnecting with loved ones at my family’s fifth generation Northern California lakeside cottage.


Besides my work and living between my two favorite places, a few of my favorite things are:
  • Gourmet picnics in a wild-flower meadow
  • Fresh flowers in my bedroom
  • Candle lit dinners
  • Beginning each day with yoga and meditation
  • Water skiing on glassy early morning water
  • Evenings on the porch with a glass of nice wine
  • Growing my own organic food
  • Cooking and sharing meals with friends and family
  • Skiing through champaign-light powder snow
  • Swimming in a granite-rimmed mountain lake on a hot summers day
  • Riding my mountain bike through the redwoods
  • Reading a good book with a cup of herbal tea by the fire
  • Making memories with my adult kids and their partners
  • Laughing daily with my beautiful husband, Larry

Hitting rock bottom ten years ago wasn’t easy but I know now there was a purpose behind the pain (there always is!). I know that I am meant to offer guidance, compassion, and loving support to anyone who wants to consciously create a life of authentic living, filled with happiness and fulfillment and deep, lasting peace.

If this sounds like you, let’s find out how we can make that happen. Maybe you have some questions — great. Contact me — I’d love to talk with you.

From my heart to yours,