Welcome to Opening Doors Within

You’re searching for more. You look happy on the outside, yet deep inside you know you were meant to experience more joy, love, peace and abundance.

But right now, you feel an empty space within you that aches to be filled.

You’ve read books on Law of Attraction and personal growth but you’re stuck in your same old patterns.

Maybe you’re haunted by a painful past that casts a shadow over your life no matter how much you want to leave it behind.

You’d like to be loved deeply, just for being you yet you continue to compare yourself to others holding onto feelings of “not enoughness,” not pretty enough, sexy enough, thin enough, smart enough, or …

You’re exhausted from trying to please the people around you. It’s become a habit you can’t stop.

My life purpose is helping you discover the truths and give you tools to light your way to authentic and lasting love and happiness.

We might be a perfect fit if you’re:

  • looking for more love and a deeper connection with yourself, your family and your friends.
  • willing to let go of trying to control your life and the people around you and open up to a world of possibilities you don’t even know exists.
  • ready to navigate through the turbulence of today’s challenging world from a place of confidence, empowerment and ease.
  • willing to look at your “story” and how its keeping you stuck right where you are.

You have the power to change your life.

What an interesting prison we build from the invisible bricks of other people’s opinions.

When you no longer need the approval from others to be happy, the possibilities in life are endless.

Hi there, I’m Cindy Powers Prosor.

Cindy Powers ProsorAlmost ten years ago, I experienced a dramatic shift in my life that spiraled me down into a very dark place.

With the assistance of an awesome mentor, I learned to shift the fears, struggles, dramas and doubts that kept me fearful and worried and reconnect to the joy of living authentically from my heart.

This life-changing experience ignited a burning desire in me to empower women like you to make changes that will set you free – just like I was shown when I needed it most. I’m committed to guiding you home to your authentic and loving Self. I’m passionate about helping you create a life filled with love, abundance and freedom!

I founded Opening Doors Within because I believe the only way to find lasting love and happiness is to do it from the inside out.

At Opening Doors Within, I offer:

CINDY HEART 50X50gentle yet powerful guidance and tools to help you use your current life struggle as a platform for life changing, transformational growth.

CINDY HEART 50X50products and courses packed with information and techniques to help you feel empowered, alive and on purpose no matter what’s going on around you.

CINDY HEART 50X50retreats in beautiful places so you can nurture your body, reignite your spirit and reconnect to the wisdom of your soul.

Sound good to you?

Great! I invite you to sign up for my Golden Keys Ezine, check out what my clients are saying or reach out and tell me about you. I’d love to connect!